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Sgt. Chris Laster, Special Operations, Mounted Patrol

I am the Sargeant of the Sarasota Sheriff’s Office Mounted Unit, Florida, and Trish has been one of our riding volunteers for ten years. I have had the opportunity to work closely with Trish and know her to be a very competent, patient, and skillful rider in several disciplines. Her overall horsemanship exceeds that of her peers and she enjoys my full confidence. Trish has assisted me in training new police horses and preparing them for their duties for police work. I highly recommend her as someone who can teach effectively the knowledge and skills to enhance a rider’s skill so he/she can grow as a rider and a person. Riding under her tutelage can greatly benefit anyone wanting a lasting horse experience.

Below are pictures of the horses I take care of and train for Sarasota County Mounted patrol unit

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Thank you seems so insufficient. What you have done for Kathy, me and our horses is truly amazing. In contrast to our previous experiences that amounted to do this or do that without understanding, horse and rider now both understand what is expected and why. Taking a western horse and rider and showing them the benefits of riding English as a supplement and a learning tool for Western work really aided our understanding. And to be clear, you performed some pretty miraculous things with us and kept it all light and fun. We are truly grateful to you and look forward to years of working with you.

Peter and Kathy La Tronica
Fair Winds Farm, Woodbridge CT

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I can't remember enjoying riding so much. Thank you for helping to bring the excitement back - you're very good at what you do and I appreciate your patience and encouragement.

Sarasota Florida


My best jump coach in the whole world. Thank you for everything you do. You are the best.

North Port, Florida


I have known and ridden with Trish for 18 years.  She has proven repeatedly to be knowledgeable, dedicated and a person of integrity. I have yet to see any other trainer match the quality of her training or advice.

Lucas, Texas


Trish is my life saver. Her expertise and reassurance is ground breaking. She is so patient and understanding with both my mare and myself.
Ellington, Connecticut


Tricia has helped us in so many ways over the last three years. She has turned our mare into a totally different horse.                                                    
Brittany and Jocelyn
Farmington, Connecticut


Tricia has been a great help training my two green horses. Her suggestions for my problem mare have made a world of difference.
Gales Ferry, Connecticut


I would like to applaud Tricia Babcock for the work she has done.
High Gait Farm
Branford, connecticut


Dear Trish,

Just wanted to thank you for the major improvements with my horse!

Branford, Connecticut


Dear Trish,

I honestly don't know where to start. I could write a book and it wouldn't and couldn't express the THANK YOU that you deserve. When you started working with Penny and me, Penny was a  dangerous horse. The ear pinning, the biting, the bucking, the rearing, the  excessive backing. She was a true problem horse that had crushed my  confidence. It hasn't even been a complete year and what you have done for us is  truly amazing.

From an unridable horse to winning Reserve Champion at our second show. You have given me back the confidence that I lost, and that Penny never had. The things we have learned in a year are just remarkable and I owe  every ounce of credit to you. The accomplishments that we've made through your instruction are really beyond my expectations. I didn't ever think we were going to make it to the show ring at all and to place in every class entered is yet again just truly amazing.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done.

This doesn't even begin to explain the gratitude I have for you! You really are the best trainer anyone could ask for.

Again, thank you.

North Branford, Connecticut


Great lesson today. I sure enjoyed it. Thank you so much for your 

North Port, Florida

Dear Trish,

I am nothing short of delighted to offer my personal testimony on behalf of Maddy and me. When you and I met, as you know, I was at my wits end with my beautiful 
11 year old Appendix mare that I have owned for many years. At first she  began crow-hopping which progressed to hard bucking. With rodeo days long past  gone and no wish to revisit, my choices were I thought, clear. I would quit riding her altogether or I would entertain an offer of sale.

After seeing a Craigslist posting for your training services, I decided to remain 'neutral' and give it a try. Trish, my mare went from plotting to outfox me at every opportunity to re-focusing herself into a cooperative, poised and confident individual in one afternoon with your natural ability to "horsespeak"! She has a kinder look on her face and is generally a happier animal on  the ground and under saddle. With several lessons under our belt and now as we double up our lesson schedule, I feel that she and I are solidly on the same page for the first time in years.

My horse understands your most subtle of clues because of your tremendous insights and superb instincts. You are an exceptionally wonderful coach and trainer and who has taught me to ride in this state of 'connectedness'. I honestly do not know what I am going to do when you leave FL this 2010 year. We may have to follow you to Connecticut. I have had other coaches throughout my riding career and have admired them all. You however, are truly in a league of your own.

Thank you for filling me with confidence about my mare. It is a privilege being counted amongst your students and I would like to personally recommend you to anyone young or old wishing to put back the joy of riding singlemindly in confident purpose with your horse. 

Respectfully Yours,

Sarasota, FL